Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dive agar trip planning.....with accomodation/ where to stay?

Dive Agar

We all together my team mates in Cybage – Microsoft project went for DiveAgar trip. Dive agar is one of the finest beaches in India in Kokan coastal area.

Kokan is famous for coastal area with beautiful mango trees, coconut trees spread across hundreds of acres of land. The main food here is rice, coconut, curry , fish. Dive Agar has a Ganapati mandir with a very old idol. It is believed that the idol is made of pure gold. Actually someone found the idol in a huge copper box buried in his backyard while digging up the place. The idol is now placed in a safe locker and the doors of the locker are opened at 8.00 AM.

You will not find any restaurants over here. All restaurants are as the home business of many families; in which all members in family helps in cooking the food along with serving to the customers. All these people serve the food in the backyard or the front area of their houses. If you want to have the food you are supposed to call them and tell them how many people want the lunch/dinner. So they make arrangements for those number of people only. The kokanastha Brahmins are very famous for their conservative nature. They don’t want to waste the food so they just prepare food for those number of people only.

The Bapats are famous for the “Ukdiche modak” (a sweet food item, made up with wheat floor and coconut) The lunch or dinner costs around 45 Rs. per person. The Bapats have their own accommodation facility as well which is for 70 Rs. per person; which is on shared basis and common washrooms, restrooms.

We made camp fire on the back yard of the house where we stayed; we collected the dried leaves of coconut trees and It was an awesome experience. It was nice to share personal experiences in life along with some funderful stories happened in life or happening in office; as well some of the good singers in us take charge of entertainment. We didn’t slept whole night.

For food and accommodation contact at:

Shri Umesh Limaye
Phone nos.02147 24490 (Could be 952147 24490), 0214724377(or 95147 24377)

Suhas V Bapat
Near Marathi school
Dive Agar 402404
Tel: 02147 224377

Uday Bapat
Tel: 02147 24235

Ramesh Awlaskar
Tel: 02147 24707

Anand Kelkar
Tel: 02147 24242

For Hotel Woodland
Girish Kulkarni 94220 00441
Shrikant Tikhe 93701 49114

Houses registered under MTDC for bed and breakfast, take complete house on rent :
1) Smt. Sucheta Abhaya Bhatawadekar At Post Diveagar, Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad Tel. 952147 24874 Dombivli 95251 2437055

2) Mr. Neehad N. Virkud Near Chaukalshi Mali Samaj Hall, At Post Divegar, Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad Tel. 952147 225017

3) “Ashirvad” Smt. R.V. Vichare At Post Dive-agar, Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad Tel. 952147 225017


It was fun to play cricket on the beach. Because of sand, it was difficult to play shots but still some of good batsman proved they are good in batting. It was fun.


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